While Listening to Pat Methany & Lyle Mays

I don’t dance, I tell her
Everyone dances, she says
No not me, I listen to the base
And then the horns, if there are horns
What about the music, she asks…
Doesn’t it move you?
Well sure it does, in my head, I say
But I don’t tell her
How I disconnect with my body,
How I remove all sensation from this world
And focus solely on the music
Listen to it in the center of my brain
And transfix on it, I don’t want to think
I don’t want to try to move on it
I want my energy, all my energy on the notes
I don’t tell her, because she won’t understand
Instead I just sit there, and let her dance
I love to watch her dance, she moves me
And the music, well, that’s for me to fall into.

Searching For Kerouac

I am a vagabond in my mind
Hoboing across America
Seeing haystacks and smoke stacks
Dotting the scenery that spell the sky.

I am jumping off
Before the train stops
Looking for diners or taco stands
Staying far away from the franchises.

I have standards
Or so I think to myself
Clean body, clean mind
Yet my thoughts drift aimless, no purpose.

Trains move slowly west
Serpentine through the foothills
Before the great passes
Which lead to the pacific, and some salvation.

I am looking for Kerouac
As I land in San Francisco
I only find the coming of the end
Ben and Jerry’s reside at Haight/Ashbury.

Post cards are the same
Across America, only the names change
To protect the innocent I wonder
Like the crime movies on late night tv.

I Wish I Could Play Music

‘I wish I could play music’, I tell her,

But mostly to myself, I wish

‘what kind of music, what instrument’ She replies,

‘the horns, maybe the sax’ I say

Like a sad blues man, like Charlie Parker

Or Miles Davis, to just play all day long

To watch the notes escape and float around

I’d play outside, no amplifier, no sound system

Just raw sweet melodies, like they did in the 50’s

I would play outdoors, to the trees and the sky

Watch the notes swirl around, dance mystically

Float away and curl around tree branches

Make love to them, and I’d send them higher

Squeeze every note I could possibly find

Kiss them along the way, send the world gifts

Of such beauty and tenderness

The clouds would cry for no other reason

Then to be loved and love in return

My notes would become beautiful women

Playing peacefully naked in the river streams

Floating away to waterfalls,

Fall into the lakes below and become mermaids

Find the open oceans and swim out to sea

And across oceans to other lands

Show their love to other worlds and people,

No language barriers, no translations needed

No borders or gods to fight for, just music and love.

Being In Storms

“I love the storms” she says

As she huddles beneath her heavy sweater

‘They are the passions of heaven screaming’

Suddenly a bolt of lightning and thunderous clap

Reverberates through the house, windows shake

And she crawls closer into my arms wrapped tight

“I love the storms too’ silently to myself

As we ride the waves of the evening

Watching this show for hours, never moving

As Rivers Go

She follows the course of rivers

In long walks, counting the days

She may pick berries to eat along the way

Or stay to watch leaves float by

At times she’ll come to a water fall

Untie her hair and dance in its shower

Other times she lies in open meadows

To let the shadows entice her soul

At night she’ll bed down along the shore

Laying branches and moss on the ground

She’ll stare at the stars

Calls the constellations out by name

And sings her soul to sleep

Morning rises as she awakes

Greet the sun with open arms

Then she is off to travel again

Following the course as rivers go.

Your Path Leads You Here

You have been to this road before

That leads to a lake, and trees beyond

The trees become forest, sloping higher

To the green waves of forest and hills.


You have pondered this journey

In younger years when the hills were mountains

The trees saplings and the lake sprang anew

The crest of the mountain bore the snows of winter


You have walked the paths that were few

Creating your own trails, discovering the berries

That grew wild on tangled vines

You ate them along the way, saved some for later


You once drank from the creeks and rivulets

Sat to watch the woodpeckers burrow in the trees

Listened to the songs of the wind

As they washed through the leaves


Now you have come to your resting place

And younger souls have carried you here

To lay your body down, so you may become this forest

As all your loves and all your soul may forever give.