Your Path Leads You Here

You have been to this road before

That leads to a lake, and trees beyond

The trees become forest, sloping higher

To the green waves of forest and hills.


You have pondered this journey

In younger years when the hills were mountains

The trees saplings and the lake sprang anew

The crest of the mountain bore the snows of winter


You have walked the paths that were few

Creating your own trails, discovering the berries

That grew wild on tangled vines

You ate them along the way, saved some for later


You once drank from the creeks and rivulets

Sat to watch the woodpeckers burrow in the trees

Listened to the songs of the wind

As they washed through the leaves


Now you have come to your resting place

And younger souls have carried you here

To lay your body down, so you may become this forest

As all your loves and all your soul may forever give.

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