I Wish I Could Play Music

‘I wish I could play music’, I tell her,

But mostly to myself, I wish

‘what kind of music, what instrument’ She replies,

‘the horns, maybe the sax’ I say

Like a sad blues man, like Charlie Parker

Or Miles Davis, to just play all day long

To watch the notes escape and float around

I’d play outside, no amplifier, no sound system

Just raw sweet melodies, like they did in the 50’s

I would play outdoors, to the trees and the sky

Watch the notes swirl around, dance mystically

Float away and curl around tree branches

Make love to them, and I’d send them higher

Squeeze every note I could possibly find

Kiss them along the way, send the world gifts

Of such beauty and tenderness

The clouds would cry for no other reason

Then to be loved and love in return

My notes would become beautiful women

Playing peacefully naked in the river streams

Floating away to waterfalls,

Fall into the lakes below and become mermaids

Find the open oceans and swim out to sea

And across oceans to other lands

Show their love to other worlds and people,

No language barriers, no translations needed

No borders or gods to fight for, just music and love.

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