Searching For Kerouac

I am a vagabond in my mind
Hoboing across America
Seeing haystacks and smoke stacks
Dotting the scenery that spell the sky.

I am jumping off
Before the train stops
Looking for diners or taco stands
Staying far away from the franchises.

I have standards
Or so I think to myself
Clean body, clean mind
Yet my thoughts drift aimless, no purpose.

Trains move slowly west
Serpentine through the foothills
Before the great passes
Which lead to the pacific, and some salvation.

I am looking for Kerouac
As I land in San Francisco
I only find the coming of the end
Ben and Jerry’s reside at Haight/Ashbury.

Post cards are the same
Across America, only the names change
To protect the innocent I wonder
Like the crime movies on late night tv.

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