Alberta Skies

You slide through the night, dark and slow

And the light of your inner being

Shines brighter than the brightest stars

Each twinkle a kiss upon your velvet skin

Each touch a falling star across the heavens

Wish upon one, I say

I have, you reply, to hundreds

and every dream envelopes me

like my arms around your nakedness

the aroma of you, intoxicating

the wind calls through the trees

the answers don’t matter

to the questions of this universe

it is simply being and nothing else

you are the drug I cannot shake


You hint of lavender

Dancing barefoot on carpets of clouds

Drifting into my heart

When I wasn’t aware of your being

Your voice sings

To the half-sleep, half-wake state

Of the world yawning

Before morning coffee brews

You dance before me

Take my hand, I’ll lead you to dreams

That took place in the night

You were there, I know

You told me of love

Of your dreams, of your deepest desire

To be flying

Even when others are watching

I’ll read you poems

They are, after all, for you

They always have been

I just never knew.