The Silence Still Screams

There are the silent ones

Gone vestiges of a past era

The dreamers who never woke

And remain lost in some other nightmare.

There are the revolutionists

Screaming at the heart of humanity

Sighing in the black lights

Dead candlesticks on the ground lay broken.

We screamed of war

And prayed for peace

And our brains fell to clubs

And Chicago bled for years afterward

Black fists raised in defiance

White fists wrote words and songs

Rifles of soldiers bore flowers

No bullets to come out of those barrels.

Now those fist raise

In the empty halls of justice

But for whom I wonder

Certainly not for the silent ones still screaming.


I do not pretend to dis-like America

Scattered bumblebees lost in a field of flowers

Dis-illusioned in the hope that I get mine

Since you may not dis-serve yours.

I am not the socialist, dis-abled from work

I’ll get my hands dirtied, they have been already

From the garbage that spills from the lips

Of all the talking heads, pontificating crap.

Don’t mind me as I won’t pray for you

You’ll find that there are gods and prayers

On the other side, what does it matter any way,

Only the coats they wear are a different color.

The blood spilled is still red, the gray matter,

Dis-charged from what we call a thinking thing

Just thought its last thought, before the bullet hit

It all looks the same in the sand or on the beach.

Or maybe we can all stand by, like a test picture

Waiting for the hum to die down

Closing our ears to the dis-tant drums beating

One last call for alcohol, I’ll take mine neat.

Acid America

His trips are void of trains

But the tracks up and down his soul

Lead him to daytime nightmares

As he mumbles incoherent

And then screams at the demons following

He boxes the air, punch drunk

High on his own devices

Staggering into the street

Hoping a semi cures his pain

And sends him back to a safer place

His gods messed him up

So he says to no one in particular

But if you are near

You will hear his demons too

Fucking his head like some two-bit whore

The moronic left pass him like some screwed up disease

He is not the ninety-nine percent

No poster boy for the loons that mock America

No better are the right,

Their asses planted in pews, pissing on the world

Yet here we are, a nation just the same

Disconnected from everything but the truth

And when the bums are washed away

Other’s fill their places in the cardboard shit holes

The needles are endless and death is dirty


In silence

Without words

My touch


Like butterfly wings

Only molecules


The tip of my finger

To the curve

Of your lips,

You know

I am there

And you

With eyes closed


With anticipation

Of my kiss

A breath


My lips,

Your desire

Not Without

I can’t imagine life without a thought of you in my heart,

Dreaming of me, or me of you,

love goes to these lengths.

I can’t imagine not looking at your picture, smiling away

The collective beauty of a million angels,

your soul touches mine.

I can’t imagine not speaking to you, despite the distance

Despite the long endless silence

I am filled with your music in me.

I can’t imagine listen to your heartbeat, in rhythm with mine

Across the galaxies of time and space,

there are not enough stars to dream upon.

I can’t imagine ever having to never have known you.

Images in Painting

I live in the mist of a thousand loves

Desires of this depth come once in a lifetime

And the painting before me draws me deep

White satin fields laid out like virgin lilies

Finding their first bloom of the spring

The fire in the belly of a beast long dormant

Ranting words that fall short in poetry.

Innocence cries out with a blast of lightening

Storms rage, and the battle begins

Guns are drawn, along with swords

All to no avail, as this is no war we are in

It is the mind fighting the body

The soul fighting the heart,

Walls wanting to be conquered and fall,

And the stains of all my pasts never listen

I could drink this image over and over

Never find satiation in love,

The hunger persists evermore

And each layer I uncover I find a multitude of want

As there is more depth than I can ever know

A Breath

A breath, a whisper,

nights bring the notes of long lasting melodies

Which linger like the stars dancing across the open heaven

The scent of you, head resting upon a pillow of leaves,

From the bustling madness, intently focused on the soft breeze

Nearly a stillness; the rise and fall of your chest,

you are dreaming wide awake

The barren limbs of a dormant tree

cradle the haze of a near full moon,

Nearly a smile, outlined in shadows

With you resting lazy-head within my soul,

I breathe you; become you, deep in you.

Carry Me in Your Dreams

I watch you in your dreams,

Or perhaps you are in mine,

Sleeping, lips slightly parted

Eyes, move under closed lids

Drifting, as sailboats do

In open waters,

Letting the sails beckon the wind.

Carry me in your journey,

I say silently to myself

Really wishing you do hear me,

Carry me far away, where the sun rises

And the moon sets

And the stars spell the beauty of

This everlasting night.

Tell me your dreams

But do not tell them out loud,

Let me dream them along with you.