Images in Painting

I live in the mist of a thousand loves

Desires of this depth come once in a lifetime

And the painting before me draws me deep

White satin fields laid out like virgin lilies

Finding their first bloom of the spring

The fire in the belly of a beast long dormant

Ranting words that fall short in poetry.

Innocence cries out with a blast of lightening

Storms rage, and the battle begins

Guns are drawn, along with swords

All to no avail, as this is no war we are in

It is the mind fighting the body

The soul fighting the heart,

Walls wanting to be conquered and fall,

And the stains of all my pasts never listen

I could drink this image over and over

Never find satiation in love,

The hunger persists evermore

And each layer I uncover I find a multitude of want

As there is more depth than I can ever know

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