Winter Dreams

‘I love the snow’, she said

All excited bouncing like a little kid

‘Let’s go and play in it’ And jumping out of her pj’s

She went bounding for warmer clothes and boots

I watched her through the bay window

Still trying to scratch the sleep out of my hair

Watching my snow fairy,

Tossing powder in the air,

Diving into heaps of snow, making angels

I laughed at her laughing at herself,

Dancing if nothing else mattered

And it really doesn’t matter I thought

What does, we were in bliss, she tossing herself around

Me, drinking coffee, being lazy, giving my novel some sleep

It was a day for being I thought,

and in being this was perfection

The world redefined unconditionally on that day

The pure love of two people.

That was five years ago As I woke to another winter

Dragging my weary bones to the coffee pot

My typewriter long asleep

As I turn to my spot at the bay window overlooking the world

Funny how five years of dust looks on my writing desk

In stark contrast to the virgin white snow

Lazily falling, no snow angels on the ground this morning

But I am sure there are extra ones in heaven.

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