Screams of the Beast

Screams of the Beast

She lived in dreams

Despite the realities of the world,

Despite the songs of blues

That danced in her soul.

She lived in hopes

That within the madness

That drowned the voices of the poets

Her voice would rise above.

She lived in sensualities

Despite the wars

And the deaths of the innocents

And the political fires

That burned relentlessly

From the fuels of hatred and despair.

She lived for the words

That caressed her inner being

Bathed her skin

And held her upon flowered beds

She ached for the touch

Of the poet’s voice

Her cravings perpetuated, wanting it all

His fingers tracing the words

In her heart, in her bosom

Entering her, sending her

To uncontrolled eruptions

Of his rhythmic verse

Words that became human form

His lips upon hers, his song in her head

His voice that brought her blues to life

She rode the waves as he pushed deeper

With his songs, his stories, his rhythm

She opened more and became his goddess

She rose above it all,

Her screams released in endless waves

woke the beast within

And the heart of the world

Bled no more

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