There is madness in your dance

A subtle madness,

Much like a candle flame

Upon a wick, and you are the dance.

I find myself staring, you know,

So much that my eyes have burned

Into your image, I can’t release,

My memories.

I shouldn’t live there, but I do

I can’t even describe the music

I just want to see you move

Touch you, become you

The fire started then, and maybe even before

Fires never die

They rest in the earth, waiting,

Waiting for the fuel,

A breath, red lips, a touch.

Desire burns, but for now

I lie on the earth, sleeping

Dreaming in half dreams, half nightmares

Teetering on the edge

A gust of wind would carry me

Your voice, breathing

I find comfort in my anguish

But I can’t find peace.

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