I watch as the rain streaks the windows

I watch as the rain streaks the windows

Hoping for some clarity, on another day

You enter the bar, where I sit as the world goes by

This is the part where time stops,

Where I catch my breath

Inhaling you as you walk past

And drown in the scent of you

Oh how I want to be that morning after

From the night before

Tangled in you, touching, being touched

Craving, no …more than that

Craving is to tame

I want to crawl into you,

Ravage in the beauty of you

Listen to your gasps, moans and sighs

As the ride we are on rollercoasters

I reach for the shadow of you as you pass

Wanting any part of you to stay a moment

I want to drown in all of it, your scent

Your alluring tease, I know it’s for me

Even if you deny it, I will make it for me

For the moment it’s all I have

All I want, and all I need

Living in this dream….

.…I stare no where

Past the window where the streaks

from the rain have dried

and the world continues, just the same.

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