Shards of Glass

Shards of Glass

I ponder each piece

Broken in rage and madness

Laying before me

A simple cut

Quick and decisive

I did not care for the sound

Of the pane breaking

Nor was it for hatred

Or violence in act

It simply intrigued me

What would happen

Once the glass broke

What of the shards

They spoke to me

Drag me across your arm

Feel the warmth, the rush

The flow of crimson

Rivers escaping you

Now you are the ocean

Your create

You marvel

You, in glory

Watch life

How does it end

Is there peace

Or pain

Is the peace

The irony of no pain?

We all eventually fade to black

That is our destiny

Should we take a quicker journey?

To the finality

Or must we suffer through

The vanity of mankind

Torturing ourselves

And each other.

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