The World Is Hers to Keep

The World Is Hers to Keep

She hides among the trees

In her stories,

Especially in the autumn sun

When the air is cool and crisp

And the leaves crunch at her feet.

she laughs along the river bend

where waters run swift and long

whirl pooling among the winding bank

and skipping upon the stepping stones

and dances to the other side.

she sighs when the clouds appear

her shadow has no home

she chases the bluebirds along

and sings her favorite song.

She cries when the butterflies

Disappear in the waves of grass

The stand so tall in the gentle breeze

Sending whippoorwills to their nests.

She lies among the rolling hills

And rocks herself to sleep

Old man winter comes on tippy toes

The world is hers to keep.

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