all these words

every line and every letter

my thoughts, hopes

mostly despair and unfinished dreams

hang in mid air

like a pinata, dangling in anguished suspense

you want everything to be for you

and it is, just take it

but sometimes, no words come out

they sit in my head, they are the most endearing

they are the deepest of loves, afraid, always afraid

not everything can be hit with a stick, not these

and they hurt the most, wanting to be out there

no where to go, sentenced to their chamber

not even a ghost of their whisper

can be known.



I am lost in the softness of the rain

Which run small rivulets upon your skin

Unsalted tears from the heavens

You were born to wear this velvet sheen

The beauty of which gleans on this summer day

And as rainbows grace the skies

And flowers shimmer in crystal light

Your love floats upon the heavens

Where once my youth once craved everlasting

To be holding hands with you on moonlit dreams

Smiley Face

He pushes his shopping cart down the rutted makeshift sidewalk

Half humming a tune no one else would care to hear

Nothing makes sense in this world of his, but then again, what does

And you, in your hybrid self-indulgence feel sorry for his fate as you trudge off to work

In daily dreams of lethargic trance, not realizing you are any richer

Than some bum with flop soled shoes and one sock, encased in matted human waste

The sun beat leather, one could call it a face, is an inkling of our own mirrored image

If we ever looked closer beneath the makeup we call happiness

Oh, I imagine everyone else must feel blessed, if such a word ever made sense,

But your gods never gave a crap about the pittance of crimpled dollars

Which buy the guilt of your own lost life, as you follow like lemmings

To the coffee pots, that churn away, making the miserable mud even more so.

But keep your eyes on the road, and avert yourselves to the things you call horror

Because those are the very things that are humanity and you have created the borders

And you have become judge jury and executioner to the invisible masses

Who could care not one iota of your ‘freedom’…you will never, if you ever gave life a moment,

You will never… be free, caught in the hysteria of every moment that doesn’t matter

Your own genocide will be the history of your emoji filled dereliction.

Love Is…

Ripples of skipping rocks, tides of the seas

Calmingly destructive,  first kiss, a last goodbye

The bittersweet ending of long-agos,

hopes of tomorrows, the rage of all that is between

its now, its never, worn to the bone,

the newness of which is known only once

its water below, air above, wind in your hair, my fingers

dirt under your nails from gardens you grew

fire that stokes the anguish of this beast within

under the moonless night crystalized in darkness

in memories of lingering thoughts,

lasting like ghosts that haunt wicked desire

temptation’s fury, gone to rest upon your granite marker…

…my grave that I stand before … whisper your name

Buried forever you won’t cry out, you won’t be silent

tormenting the memories, no one notices the emptiness

filling this enduring madness.