The Good in Our Lives

The Good in Our Lives

Whether it is need or want

We can argue,

Your eyes tell of unfulfilled desire

To be held, entered and released

I carry those eyes in my mind/soul/spirit

This is the nightmare of the darkest kind

This is the daydream one only hopes to experience

It is the embodiment of all that is good in our lives

The Screams of the Beast Within

The Screams of the Beast Within

The arch of your back goes higher

You release a sound between and a growl and a sigh

emanates from deep within your soul

my hand tightens around your neck

restricting you slightly,

holding you through the ride

you shutter slightly and pull me in deeper

your eyes widen, they tell me you need more

no words are spoken

you are far from satiated

you grasp me tighter

and raise your body higher to meet mine

until your shutter grows to uncontrollable heights

you release your power as it flows

and I meet the release with another breathe

and the exhale of the beast within

screams with unrelenting passion

the fall is higher than we both anticipate

but the fall is one together,

entwined in everlasting dreams.


Darkness sits on the abyss

tempting, bringing me to the edge

fingers, like brush strokes

Trace the smoothness of your heat

like a match, ready to ignite

explosions are held in check

lasting until the wick is spent of fuel

aching to release

but the grip tightens, softly at first

a rush, needing a want, floating

the edge never forgives

teetering inches away

moments are hours, days

the whip cracks, and you fly away

never coming back

until the ride starts again.

Vestiges of America

Tarnished, not only the bronze

but this so called humanity

living in past light and faded glory.

We are guilty of non-emotion

false hope rises every four years

and the revolving door

keeps on churning the chaos.

My school days made more sense

every year a clean slate

every year not measured against the past

every year a new goal

not the rehash of human waste.

We won’t survive,

our deaths will be in vane

for all the worth of a bronze vestige

for all the worth of naked souls

and another lost cause.

Raise your fist

sit for America

i don’t care to notice,

your actions are your deeds

my actions are mine

as i sit in disgust

of the america i once knew.