The Good in Our Lives

The Good in Our Lives

Whether it is need or want

We can argue,

Your eyes tell of unfulfilled desire

To be held, entered and released

I carry those eyes in my mind/soul/spirit

This is the nightmare of the darkest kind

This is the daydream one only hopes to experience

It is the embodiment of all that is good in our lives

The Screams of the Beast Within

The Screams of the Beast Within

The arch of your back goes higher

You release a sound between and a growl and a sigh

emanates from deep within your soul

my hand tightens around your neck

restricting you slightly,

holding you through the ride

you shutter slightly and pull me in deeper

your eyes widen, they tell me you need more

no words are spoken

you are far from satiated

you grasp me tighter

and raise your body higher to meet mine

until your shutter grows to uncontrollable heights

you release your power as it flows

and I meet the release with another breathe

and the exhale of the beast within

screams with unrelenting passion

the fall is higher than we both anticipate

but the fall is one together,

entwined in everlasting dreams.


Darkness sits on the abyss

tempting, bringing me to the edge

fingers, like brush strokes

Trace the smoothness of your heat

like a match, ready to ignite

explosions are held in check

lasting until the wick is spent of fuel

aching to release

but the grip tightens, softly at first

a rush, needing a want, floating

the edge never forgives

teetering inches away

moments are hours, days

the whip cracks, and you fly away

never coming back

until the ride starts again.

Vestiges of America

Tarnished, not only the bronze

but this so called humanity

living in past light and faded glory.

We are guilty of non-emotion

false hope rises every four years

and the revolving door

keeps on churning the chaos.

My school days made more sense

every year a clean slate

every year not measured against the past

every year a new goal

not the rehash of human waste.

We won’t survive,

our deaths will be in vane

for all the worth of a bronze vestige

for all the worth of naked souls

and another lost cause.

Raise your fist

sit for America

i don’t care to notice,

your actions are your deeds

my actions are mine

as i sit in disgust

of the america i once knew.


all these words

every line and every letter

my thoughts, hopes

mostly despair and unfinished dreams

hang in mid air

like a pinata, dangling in anguished suspense

you want everything to be for you

and it is, just take it

but sometimes, no words come out

they sit in my head, they are the most endearing

they are the deepest of loves, afraid, always afraid

not everything can be hit with a stick, not these

and they hurt the most, wanting to be out there

no where to go, sentenced to their chamber

not even a ghost of their whisper

can be known.


Smiley Face

He pushes his shopping cart down the rutted makeshift sidewalk

Half humming a tune no one else would care to hear

Nothing makes sense in this world of his, but then again, what does

And you, in your hybrid self-indulgence feel sorry for his fate as you trudge off to work

In daily dreams of lethargic trance, not realizing you are any richer

Than some bum with flop soled shoes and one sock, encased in matted human waste

The sun beat leather, one could call it a face, is an inkling of our own mirrored image

If we ever looked closer beneath the makeup we call happiness

Oh, I imagine everyone else must feel blessed, if such a word ever made sense,

But your gods never gave a crap about the pittance of crimpled dollars

Which buy the guilt of your own lost life, as you follow like lemmings

To the coffee pots, that churn away, making the miserable mud even more so.

But keep your eyes on the road, and avert yourselves to the things you call horror

Because those are the very things that are humanity and you have created the borders

And you have become judge jury and executioner to the invisible masses

Who could care not one iota of your ‘freedom’…you will never, if you ever gave life a moment,

You will never… be free, caught in the hysteria of every moment that doesn’t matter

Your own genocide will be the history of your emoji filled dereliction.

Love Is…

Ripples of skipping rocks, tides of the seas

Calmingly destructive,  first kiss, a last goodbye

The bittersweet ending of long-agos,

hopes of tomorrows, the rage of all that is between

its now, its never, worn to the bone,

the newness of which is known only once

its water below, air above, wind in your hair, my fingers

dirt under your nails from gardens you grew

fire that stokes the anguish of this beast within

under the moonless night crystalized in darkness

in memories of lingering thoughts,

lasting like ghosts that haunt wicked desire

temptation’s fury, gone to rest upon your granite marker…

…my grave that I stand before … whisper your name

Buried forever you won’t cry out, you won’t be silent

tormenting the memories, no one notices the emptiness

filling this enduring madness.

The World Is Hers to Keep

The World Is Hers to Keep

She hides among the trees

In her stories,

Especially in the autumn sun

When the air is cool and crisp

And the leaves crunch at her feet.

she laughs along the river bend

where waters run swift and long

whirl pooling among the winding bank

and skipping upon the stepping stones

and dances to the other side.

she sighs when the clouds appear

her shadow has no home

she chases the bluebirds along

and sings her favorite song.

She cries when the butterflies

Disappear in the waves of grass

The stand so tall in the gentle breeze

Sending whippoorwills to their nests.

She lies among the rolling hills

And rocks herself to sleep

Old man winter comes on tippy toes

The world is hers to keep.

Shards of Glass

Shards of Glass

I ponder each piece

Broken in rage and madness

Laying before me

A simple cut

Quick and decisive

I did not care for the sound

Of the pane breaking

Nor was it for hatred

Or violence in act

It simply intrigued me

What would happen

Once the glass broke

What of the shards

They spoke to me

Drag me across your arm

Feel the warmth, the rush

The flow of crimson

Rivers escaping you

Now you are the ocean

Your create

You marvel

You, in glory

Watch life

How does it end

Is there peace

Or pain

Is the peace

The irony of no pain?

We all eventually fade to black

That is our destiny

Should we take a quicker journey?

To the finality

Or must we suffer through

The vanity of mankind

Torturing ourselves

And each other.

Aurora Dreams

Aurora Dreams

I await you

In the open windows

Of my dreams

I wait for you to appear

Do so much missing you

Which I do, but desiring you

To know you again,

Over and over

To love you, to touch you

To feel your touch

To have your breath on me

Entering me, speaking any word

To let the wind of that word

Envelope me,

So that I may swim in your beauty

To be transfixed,

As it were the first time

Each time

To speak your name

In love and in silence

To listen to you

Even if I don’t hear you

To know you are with me

And I with you